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Quality rhinestones

Quality rhinestones for customising competition bikinis (SS20 – 5mm). A number of colours available in either colour or vector finishes. Colour rhinestones will give your bikini a solid finish making it a bold finish. Ab vector gems will give your bikini a sparkle finish. This means it will show different colours when the light hits off the gems. All rhinestones are A grade sparkle (12 facets) which explain how much sparkle the gems have. Swarovski stones are 14 facets so not far off the best quality stones on the market.

Most popular colours are red, blue, green, purple, crystal AB, black, pink. However the more unusual colours can all be ordered in for each customer. Feel free to email if you cannot find the specific colour you need. If you are not to sure samples can be sent out in advance prior to purchase please email in for more information. All stones are the same size just the colour and effect that changes.

Please see Instagram highlights to see the difference between each effect if still unsure of the differences.