About Miss Bikini Fitness

The Miss Bikini Fitness experience

Miss Bikini Fitness recognises that bodybuilding takes dedication and determination and the progress to becoming a fitness competitor takes months of preparation.

We aim to provide the final key steps of your journey by creating a bikini so beautiful you will be the best on that stage!

Our bikinis are designed to enhance the body’s beautiful shapes and emphasis your months of work on the day that matters most.

We aim to provide bespoke bikinis to each and everyone of our fitness competitors to make them feel beautifully unique.

To achieve this goal we have created a website that is customer focused. 

What is the aim of this you ask? – To save time.

We know that your time as a fitness competitor is best spent in the kitchen or the gym. So don’t waste time finding a bikini – design your own in minutes! By using our website you can pick your choice of fabric, how much bling you want, the style and shape of your suit, and even customise your posing heels!

The list goes on….

This isn’t even the best part – have you ever found your dream bikini online and loved it until you seen the price. Well our website allows you to not only create a beautiful bespoke bikini but allows you to change a number of factors to accommodate for your particular budget. Our website allows you to be in control of all costs. You can keep things simple and still make your perfect bikini, we create bikinis for all desired budgets!

We can make your bikini simple but significant – starting from as little as £65.

People will stare so lets make it worth their while

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Contact Details

Glasgow, Scotland UK.

Phone number 07557408818,

Available to take calls on days and time below,

Sat, Sun, Mon & Tues


Closed Wed,Thur and Fri

Email: contact@missbikinifitness.co.uk (24hour reply)

Bikini deposits :

Bank – Santander :

Account name : Miss Bikini Fitness

Account Number : 20735508

Account sort code : 09-01-29

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