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How to measure for your competition bikini bottoms


To establish where you fit on the size guide there are three main measure you will need to take.

The first is around your hips, this is the point where your hips are the widest (hip bone to hip bone full circle). Take a measuring tape and wrap it all the way around your hips ideally where your high waisted briefs would sit comfortably. If you are in between sizes then choose the size that you feel will suit you come competition day. 

The second measurement is the widest part around your glutes area. Take a measuring tape right around the full circumference of your glutes and meet at the pubic bone (directly under the belly button)

Some ladies like to also measure the dip of the V scoop on the front of the briefs. Take the measuring tape from the inside of your legs (directly under your vagina) and pull straight up to the point directly under the belly button where you feel most comfortable.

V Scoop Measurement

The V scoop is the point where the pants will sit at their lowest point of the mid-drift. You can completely customise which v scoop you prefer. For example, you could be fitting into the size 6 range for hips and glutes however you may have a C scar you would like to cover or just prefer a much higher fabric coverage. Therefore, you can choose a higher coverage such as the size 8 or 10 etc. Each customer is very different, so I recommend you measure and get the perfect fit to suit you. Below are examples of my standard posing suit size guide.








If you are more than 4 weeks out from your show date and on course to drop more body fat around the hip area, then I suggest going for the smaller size. However, if you are pretty lean already and less than 4 weeks out then go for your current fit. If you have chosen briefs with connectors these come with an extra inch that is folded over at the seams hidden within the inside of the bikini. This means that if you need to make the bikini looser or tighter then it will be possible to make alterations

Please note if you order bikini bottoms with no connectors then you WILL NOT have an extra inch to play with as these are made differently, so make sure to order your correct size.


Size Hip Bone to Hip Bone Measurements (CM)
0 70cm or below
4 70-75cm
6 75-80cm
8 80-85cm
10 85-90cm
12 90-95cm
14 95cm+


Size Hip Around The Widest Point Of The Glutes – Measurements (CM)
0 70cm or below
4 75-80cm
6 80-85cm
8 85-90cm
10 90-95cm
12 95-100cm
14 105cm+

Please see size guide below for UK sizes converted into US, EU, AU and RUS sizes.

Size conversion

4 0 32 4 38
6 2 34 6 40
8 4 36 8 42
10 6 38 10 44
12 8 40 12 46
14 10 42 14 48

Choosing your brief coverage is mostly down to personal preference and depending on the competitor and chosen federation will determine the style of briefs chosen.

Some federations such as UKBFF/BNBF will require you to have 50% or 30% coverage on the back bum. 2brosevents require connectors on both the top and bottoms and you must be in a moulded / triangle shaped bra. The pants at the front must be a subtle U shape as they prefer the traditional style and not the V shape. 

Choosing your brief coverage








Pants with Connector Bottoms

The front of the knickers is mostly personal preference. The U shaped must be worn to 2bros federation in the bikini and wellness category. You will be allowed to wear the V shape if you really like them. But please note you may be marked down for incorrect dress code attire as they prefer the US look therefore, they will deduct points at their discretion.

Pants with No Connector Bottoms

If you opt for no connectors and go for all fabric knickers these will all, come with the V shape.  However, you can choose the style of the front shape from 3 different options

Standard cut | Narrow cut | Very Narrow |

The noticeable difference is the thinner fabric around the groin area reducing the fabric depth from standard to narrow and then very narrow. The standard V scoop depth is a little lower than the narrow and very narrow. This is because the narrow and very narrow cuts comes higher up the abdominal area for a bigger V sweep from the inside if the legs to the waistline.

Very narrow cut is not recommended for those doing a dancing routine as you want better coverage when doing bigger dance moves in comparison to those just doing mandatory poses like 2bros or ifbb. Therefore, I would only recommend very narrow for those who compete in 2bros/ ifbb or similar federations were dance routines are not required. For PCA dance categories I recommend narrow or standard. Narrow for lean competitors and standard if you are still carrying a little more body fat than expected as the fabric is  thicker at the hips and you want feel to exposed. 

front knicker

What is the difference with Pro cut briefs (30%) IFBB (20%) and Thong (10%)

Pro cut bikini bottoms have less fabric than the 50% allowing for more booty out.  This helps emphasis the size and shape of the glutes as more definition can be witnessed showing a fuller bum. These briefs can also come with or without connectors.


2bros events competition bikini

IFBB bikini bottoms are slightly less coverage than pro cut but are not a thong! They still have a good amount of fabric coverage on the upper glutes and are a great way to show of your glutes without looking like your wearing a thong. These bikini bottoms are best suited to IFBB NPC, PCA, 2BROSEVENTS.

Thong briefs are popular amongst athletic and toned fitness competitors within federations such as PCA and NABBA. This is because much more muscle can be seen due to the full glute area being on show. The thong style has everything on show no sagging or imperfections can be hidden as there is minimal fabric used but help show a nice round bum.

Please note bikini athletes cannot wear these briefs as thongs are not permitted within this category. 

360 view of the different styles of bikini bottoms

How to choose my Bra Size?

When measuring your body for a competition bikini choosing your bra size can be a daunting thought! But do not worry there’s a few tips and trick that can help you decide your best size for show day.

Below is the Bra size guide for our bra styles, please follow the measurement guide against your personal measurements for best fit.

The first measurement you take is left to right horizontally. Then the second measurement you take is vertically, up and down the breast.  When taking both these measurements always cross the measuring tape at the highest point of the breast, the nipple. This should give you an accurate measurement.

The Triangle Bra

This style of bra is ideal for everyone as the fabric sits flat to the breast. Which helps minimise gapping between the breast and the bikini. What’s great about this bikini top is the adjustable straps this helps to boost the breast were needed. Furthermore, this style comes with removing padding and allows room for extra padding to be inserted for that extra boost!











how to measure for your competition bikini

Bra size guide (Triangle Bra) Across (cm) Down (cm)
A 18 16
B 19 17
C 20 18
D 21 20
E 22 21
F 23 22
G 24 23
H 25 24

The wired bra

The wired bra has great support due to the wire underneath as it works to push everything you have up to the front! Whether you have implants or natural breast the wired bra is great to keep everything in place. This bra is great for all bikini and wellness athletes. For figure girls these bras are good for those between A-D cup sizes. Any bigger in size you start to lose support due to the size of the cups and the crisscross back detailing. As these bras are best supported with a straight back support like the bikini category suits. The crisscross back detailing takes away some support and the E&F cups start to look side angled and does nothing for the shape and symmetry on stage so I also cap this style to lose figure girls no bigger than a D cup.













how to measure for your competition bikini

Bra size guide

(Push Up Bra)

1. Up and Down



2. Across nipple (width)


A 21 18
B 22 19
C 23 20
D 23 21
E 25 22

The Moulded Bra

The bikini straps are adjustable which can help to boost the breast were needed big or small.  This bikini comes with 1 built in padding and allows room for extra padding to be inserted for that extra boost!

This style of top is ideal for us smaller chested girls as it helps to give the boobs that little bit more of a lift than the regular triangle tops. However, the top is great for girl with implant too as it has a soft bra cup, and you don’t experience the problems that can occur with underwires and understanding sizes. This bra also has a very forgiving size as it moulds around the boobs with minimal gaps.

This bra type is my most sold style as it incorporates with the benefits of both the other styles into one.












how to measure for your competition bikini

Bra size guide 1. Across 2. Up and Down
(Moulded Bra)    
  (cm) (cm)
A 13 17
B 14 18
C 15 19
D 16 20
E 17 21
F 18 22

360 view of different bra options available




After Care of your bikini

Additional Support

If you are still struggling to find your perfect size, please don’t stress. I are here to help send me a quick email with your latest progress picture front and back in a bikini and I can help size you up. In the meantime, check out the bikini builder to see more bikini examples and designs!


Helpful video on how to alter connector bottoms 

Helpful video on how to make fabric bottoms smaller

Helpful video on how to remove connectors from your bra

Helpful video on how to re-stitch your V scoop



Be sure to check with your chosen federations rules on what they expect from all competitors.

  • bikini rules
  • heel rules
  • tanning rule
  • fabric rules (patterned /non patterned
  • two piece tie back bikini / figure crisscross straps

Below are the most common bodybuilding federations for UK please see rules and make sure you order accordingly.


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