Help! I am confused how does the custom made bikini page work?

The custom made bikini page will allow you to fully customise your bikini from start to finish. It will take you through a process of choosing which colour of fabric you want. Then next stage will focus on which style of briefs you want, you can choose from 5 styles which gives you the options of different levels of coverage on your bum. You will then choose the style of bra best for your body shape. You can choose from three options the triangle bra, the push up/wired bra and the moulded bra. The website will also allow you to add connectors to your bikini for that extra glam effect these can be added onto the bikini straps, inside the bridge of the bikini and on the side of the briefs. The website will also allow you to pick the amount of bling you want. You can keep it simple with a little bling or if you like more sparkle then go for the full stone coverage. There is plenty of designs to suit all preferences. After you choose all of the above you will be asked some questions about your measurements this is to make sure your custom bikini fits perfectly. Please see our FAQ on how to measure yourself if you are unsure.

Do you have any bikinis ready to sell?

Yes we do. Check out our ready-made bikinis *please note the sizes of the ready made bikinis cannot be amended there is only one of each design, however you can custom build an exact bikini if you see one you like.

How do you measure yourself?

We have a full size guide page to help you out! Please click the "about" page at the top of the website and select "size guide"

What if I lose weight from the date that I ordered my bikini?

Our bikinis are made based on the UK size guide, please see the size conversion in the size guide above. – When ordering your bikini you must keep in mind of your stage weight. If you think you will drop a size from when you placed your order, then we recommend going down a size. But if you think you are close to your stage weight then order the size the fits your current body shape. If you choose to add connectors onto your briefs then we give a half inch on each side of the briefs incase you accidentally order the wrong size. Therefore you can take your bikini to any alteration shop whereby they can amend this at your own cost. Please keep in briefs can always be made smaller but not bigger. ***Please note if you are purchasing briefs with no connectors these WILL NOT have an extra inch to make smaller***

What style of briefs should I pick?

Briefs come in a few options – High cut briefs – these pants come over the hip to emphasis the length of the leg and helps compliment the abdominal area but giving an illusion of a smaller waist. This style of bikini has become popular in the European competitions in the IFBB Pro/UKBFF federations. Low cut briefs – these pants help to create a longer abdominal area and showing more definition as the briefs cut lower down the hip area. The main benefit of this style of pants means you can add beautiful connectors to the side of the pants to creating a more glam effect. This type of bikini is popular across all federations such as IFBB, UKBFF, PCA, NABBA, NPC and WBFF. Pro cut briefs (Low and High cut)–these pants have more skin on show than the above styles. These types of pants are popular amongst the pro athletes or those who don’t mind having a little more skin on show. These pants can help complement the curviness of the bum! Which makes them popular. Please be aware when choosing this style of pants that it is appropriate for your chosen federation as you can get disqualified across some federation in the UK if you bottom doesn’t have enough fabric coverage! Thong – These pants are suitable only for toned and figure competitors and have the full bottom area on show. This style of briefs can come with or without connectors.

What style of bra cups will be best for my shape?

The wired bra – this style of bra has the most support as it works to push everything you got to the front! Whether you have implants or natural breast the wired bra is great to keep everything in place. The wired bra comes with padded push effect to create a unique structure to emphasise the cleavage. The underwire bra is popular in bikini fitness as it helps to keeps the breast in place -emphasising a better symmetry across the chest area. This type of bikini is best suited for competitors above a size B as any smaller the bra may have gaps between the padding and your natural breast. Please note size A cups will have little padding to keep gaps at minimum but separate padding can be purchased. The Triangle bra –This type of bra is used amongst all competitors as it has adjustable straps to help boost the breast were needed big or small! This style of bra comes with removing padding but also allows room for extra padding to be inserted for that extra boost! If you require extra padding you can add this in for £4.00 at the end. The moulded bra - This style of bra is ideal for the A cup girls as the bra mould sits flat to the chest with minimal gapping this is ideal for girls with smaller breast when doing side poses. For girls with smaller cup sizes the moulded bra give maximum push effect out of all three bra styles. This style also looks great on sizes B,C,D,DD as it has maximum push effect and creates a good symmetrical look on stage. However we do not sell this style of bra to Cup sizes above a DD.

Can I request colours or bikini customization that’s not on the website?

We try our best to allocate as many colours and fabric options to give our customers lots of choice, but if there is a particular colour or bling coverage that you want that may not already be on the website we will do our best to accommodate. But please do keep in mind that each bikini designer has their own unique style and we don't copy others hard work.

If I purchase a bikini how do I maintain its quality after purchase?

The bikinis are delicate – please treat them with care. The connectors cannot be pulled like normal bikinis. When trying on your bikini use the fabric pieces to pull it over your body and pull one side at a time to prevent breakage of the connectors. These are quality connectors but they should be treated with extra care, as there is less movement in the connectors compared to the material parts of the bikini and will break if not careful. Connectors are costume jewellery and not real silver therefore should not be wet. If holiday bikinis are purchased and have connectors please keep your top part or bottom part out of the water to prevent discolouring. When washing your garment please don’t not machine wash, do not dry clean or use warm water as this can damage the quality of the glue holding the stones in place. When washing please use a light hand-washing products with cold water and don’t leave the bikini in the water too long. Once washed, leave the bikini to dry naturally out of the sunlight areas.

How does shipping work? Do you ship internationally and how much will it cost?

We ship within the UK, Europe and International destinations. Please allow 4-7days working days for delivery. Current delivery rates within the UK are £5.00 and delivery is within 2-3 working days. However posing heels and pro tan are shipped direct from the US so may take a little longer 3-4 workings days for first class and 4-5 working days for 2nd class. International shipping cost between £25-£28 and European shipping costs are between £16-£20 depending on location.

What is the return policy?

We have a strict no returns policy as all garments are custom made for each individual, when ordering your bikini please make sure that all information is correct as no changes can be made after the purchasing process. There is however a free repair service if the goods arrive broken, this will be very rare please see terms and conditions for more information.

Unanswered Questions?

Us bikini girls have more questions than we know – not to worry though! Questions keep us on our toes. Send us an email and we will get back to you in 24hour.
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