Create Your Bikini

Please follow the quick and easy 5-step process to designing your own custom bikini.

  • STEP 1 Select your chosen fitness category
  • STEP 2 Start designing the bikini – pick your colour, shape, embellishment design and if you would like to add diamond connectors.
  • STEP 3 By adding extra padding to your bikini mean it will come with a pocket for extra padding to be inserted. If you don’t add extra padding then it comes pocketless.
  • STEP 4 Insert your body measurements at the final steps. Please be very careful when selecting your size, as this cannot be changed after this point.
  • STEP 5 Bikini aftercare pack – will include glue, syringe and needle tip. Matching thread and sewing needle and a handful of diamonds. In case you need to alter the bikini come stage day or glue on new diamonds after your show is complete.

Please note!

You can only select one item in each step at a given time so if you change your mind you must deselect the initial choice, however you can select up to 3 diamond colours for the design.

If you would like to reconfirm your brief measurements at 4 weeks out please tick YES and make sure to put your exact competition date as I will work on your briefs from this date.