Holiday shop

Looking for swimwear that will make you look amazing on the beach ? Want Instagram worthy pictures? Well Miss Bikini Fitness holiday shop swimwear does just that! We have taken our stage wear and tweaked it for the ultimate beach babe look! You can completely design your own suit – there are more than 20 options of different colours and fabrics! You can choose from three types of bra tops depending on your shape! And whats great about this is that you can choose a different size of top to bottoms so for girls with bigger boobs but smaller bums we got ya’ll covered no more saggy pants when you jump out the pool. To get a better understanding of our sizes please read our size guide page as this will help you to see which sizes would be best for your shape!! Please note all rhinestone bikinis are pool side only.

Bespoke bikinis that are custom made for each indiviudal

Each and everyone of our bikinis are custom made to order, completely bespoke to suit each individual. See something you like but want to tweak it ? no problem just drop us a DM on our website, Instagram page or email  (