Bikini Fitness – A Checklist For Show Day!

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My essential guide to competing and all things “bikini fitness crazy”

You have worked extremely hard to achieve your dream physique and show day is approaching. What do you do? Have you planned your trip well? As a first time competitor forgetting one important thing can completely throw you of your game.

After doing a few competitions you soon get on the ball with all things “bikini fitness crazy”. I mean you have to factor in every possibility of a nightmare happening. But don’t fret girls hopefully after you read my checklist you will be free of any stresses.

The best way to think of all things is to break the process down into three sections.

    • Preparation for the show
    • Traveling to show
  • Show day

Preparation for the show

When thinking about what you will need for your show day always start with what you need to purchase. Starts months in advance so you can pay for things in small increments. Purchasing everything last minute is not cheap, so make sure you spread all your costs.

Everyone’s goals are different and how many weeks an individual will prepare for a competition will depend on their current body weight. For me I always set myself a time frame of 16 weeks, allowing enough time to trim down to my best.  At this point I would purchase my bikini, bikini designers can become very busy around peak times so the quicker you get your suit organised the better. Waiting time for my bikinis is around 4 weeks. Therefore consider how long your prep is going to last minus 4 weeks from this. This is the time frame you have to practice in your suit.  Competition bikinis sit on the body very differently from your normal summer bikini therefore your poses will look different when practicing in your actual competition bikini, so I recommend you order ASAP, Please see link here for further info on how to measure yourself.

Jessica design blue bikini

Jessica Design

At 16 weeks out I start to look at what heels I want to wear on stage. Posing is an essential part of your overall score therefore purchasing your heels this far in advance will allow you to improve your confidence by

practicing in the heels you will be wearing on stage.  I really can’t stress this enough, posing practice, posing practice, posing practice sooner the better, there is nothing graceful about bambi on ice.

What about jewellery?

Well I always buy my jewellery at the same time as I purchase my bikini and heels. I purchase long blingy earrings as I have longer hair so stud earrings aren’t usually that visible on me. However for girls with shorter hair (above shoulder length) I would recommend studs, it helps keep your overall image classy. Jewellery can skip your mind but can create a glam image on stage, order this when you order your bikini. Check out my range of jewellery here.

Posing Practice!

Now you have purchased all the items you will wear on stage.

What about your body?

Prepping your body for your competition is very important; something a new bikini fitness competitor may struggle to get their head around.  For me body preparation begins 10days before your show date. The level of fake tan that goes on your skin is insane; therefore you need to prepare your skin for what’s coming. I would organise all beauty appointments 2 month in advance. What do I mean when I say beauty appointments? Well girls prepare yourself for a full body makeover you will need a bikini wax, eyebrow wax, two tanning sessions, nails done, hair done and makeup.

10 days out – Have your bikini wax. When I did my first bikini fitness competition I made the mistake to get this done 4 days out from my show. What a big mistake I made – jeez. Why does no one tell you to do this sooner? This is a treatment I don’t get done regularly therefore my skin did not like it. My skin went all prickly and as soon as I got my tan done the next day it went into all the new open pores. So girl I strongly recommend doing this at least 10-7 days in advance.

8 days out – Exfoliate your body. Your body needs to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom prior to your tanning sessions. I would exfoliate every day until your first tanning appointment.

7 days out

Get your hair done. We all know how we like our hair to sit so to prevent any disasters I would go to the salon a week before your show date as it will give you time to wash it a few times and get it sitting perfect with minimal root growth.

4 days out – Get your eyebrows done. Do this task 4 days before your show to allow for any swelling on your eyelids to go down. Your eyebrow hair goes in quicker than your bikini wax so you can leave this closer to the competition date to prevent any hair growth.

3 days out 

Get your nails done. By doing your nails before your tan it means when you get your spray tan done the colour won’t sink into your natural nail. If you have your nails done first then you can just quickly wipe any excess tan off your nail varnish with a baby wipe. For some reason tan sets into your nature nail much easier than varnished nails – lets be honest after show day we all need to go back to reality of work

/uni life and orange nails aren’t cool.

3 days out

Get your tan done. Tanning – it can put the fear into all competitors, why? Because we see so many badly tanned bodies in stage pictures and it gives us the fear. This is something I would recommend you do not skip.  Get a professional to do your tan not only does it make you feel better but also it means your not missing any parts of your body that you might find hard to reach. Explain to the beauty professional why your getting a spray tan and that you need to be extremely brown, get two or three sprays in one session.

Your first tanning session will not make you brown enough. I recommend getting another spray tan 24 hours later. Most tanning salons will do deals for double sessions. Tanning sessions can cost as little at £10 and it is totally worth the money.

2 days out 

Get your tan done again. This is your second coat, so before you get your tan done again have a light shower 1 hour before do not use any soaps and do not scrub. When going for your tanning sessions wear very loose clothing and flip-flops. Tight clothes can create marks on your newly tanned body.  

1 Day out – Chill out and have a glass of vino. Ahhh your most likely freaking out by now but it’s a good freaky because you’re excited. So use the full day to just chill, make sure your case is packed and your food is all measured out ready for the trip. Its been said that stress can cause excess weight gain so take this day to just sit back and enjoy your months of hard work.  Before you go to bed most coaches will allow competitor to have a glass of alcohol as this stage as it can help you appear more depleted in the morning. Most competitors will drink red wine; white wine or brandy, as these alcohols are best for depletion and have natural sugars as appose to rose’ wine.

Have you ever wondered why your abdominal area looks great after a night out?
De overlapper minst når det gjelder klassifisering og alkaloid blant sopp. Mengden fluor og dibukain var normal, og litt senere ble det nøyaktige ChE-nivået godkjent innenfor nettstedets rekkevidde.
Well this is down 
to the alcohol sucking out all the water and salts from your body. Explains the headache – ouch!

Traveling to the show

Up at the crack of dawn, and its time to get moving. The more time you have to spare the better. I’ve always had to travel from Scotland to Birmingham to compete that’s a 4.5-hour journey- less beauty sleep for show day so if you journey is long get a good sleep the night before you will need it. Food must be cooked the previous night ready in the famous Tupperware boxes so you can grab and go, the less you need to organise that morning the better. Oh and don’t forget your water, some people stop drinking water altogether on show day but this can actually be counter productive for you so sip on water throughout the day to prevent you looking “flat” on stage or obtaining a sore head through dehydration.

So you have your food and water ready to go, your suitcase is packed, all you have to do is get you ready right? Well if you have a long journey you may want to get your makeup done when you get to the venue incase you take a catnap. Make sure you find out what time your on stage at as this will determine when to get your makeup done.

Show time

Mirror space is extremely limited at every venue there are girls everywhere. Assume there’s no mirror at the venue – take your own mirror it will prevent any disappointment when you realise all the girls have taken up the good mirror spots. I would always do your hair at home just incase there is no plugs in the changing rooms – can you imagine the stress of having a lions main on stage?

Tanning on the day – Do one layer of Pro Tan as soon as you have registered (overnight competition base coat). I apply this stuff like its going out of fashion. Why? Because tan can rub off on your clothes no matter how loose they are. Not only that stage lighting is very bright therefore it drains out the colour from your skin. If you look at tan off stage its likely you will look a lot whiter on stage. So get friends opinions or even ask the judges at the registration process to be safe – sometimes friends think your tan is perfect but competition tan is extreme so keep this in mind when evaluating your own skin tone. I apply my tan on stage day about 2-3 times depending on when I am on stage and how long I sit about for. If you think to yourself “am I too dark?” I’m 99% sure you need at least 1 more layer, don’t be shy, dark mahogany is about the standard colour and looks best on stage. Click this link here to purchase.

Are you happy with your tan? Great, now do your make up so it matches your body. God bless my younger self – my first time on stage I looked as if I had drowned in a bath of chocolate and held my head out for safety.


This is a major factor on stage so make sure you blend your face and body well to prevent losing marks. Take a photo with the flash on this helps! Redo your hair if needed – Now its time to get your gorgeous bikini on.

Once you’re ready – bikini, heels and jewellery, take some photos make sure everything’s in place. Our suits sit tight to the body but some girls purchase bikini bite for peace of mind. I would highly recommend this product as it has a easy roll on mechanism for the glue to slowly come out that is made for competition bikinis to keep them securely in place. Click here to purchase. 

Get your competitors number badge and relax until 30-45 mins before you are on stage. Now head backstage and it’s time to pump up!

Wait pump up?

What da ****! This basically means a small all over body workout. This is to create roundness to your muscles and give them on last pump before you hit the stage.  

I usually pump up 15-30minutes before I go on stage, you don’t want to do this too soon as you want to appear full when you’re on stage so do the pump up 1-2 category before yours. You can buy small weights or resistance bands to take along to the venue with you. Click here to purchase.

Lastly get some muscle juice on! I always do this very last minute. Why? If this stuff gets in your hair – you will look back and see one greasy ass fringe. So yeah try not touch your beautiful locks after you apply this. It acts almost like baby oil but thicker so be careful! Click here to purchase.

All pro tan products can be purchased from my website.

This is my experience so please don’t worry if someone tells you to do something differently.

Your coach will most likely help you out!

Wish you all the luck girls,

Suz xx

   Miss Bikini Fitness

1st place UKBFF Scottish bikini fitness champion 2017

2nd place UKBFF west midland bikini fitness champion 2015

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